Industrial Electronic Repair

To ensure smooth flow of industrial processes of your facility, ERC will repair and refurbish the electronic equipment of any brand and any level of complexity. For many years, ERC has successfully serviced medical facilities, factories, manufacturing plants, gas stations, and other businesses.

At ERC, we can repair many kinds of devices and components, including but not limited to:

Industrial monitors

Our engineers have expertise in handling all kinds of displays: touch screens, LCD, CRT, LED displays, you name it. We have had successfully fixed numerous screen overlay problems,  and replaced membranes and backlights to return most units to OEM specs.

Variable frequency drives (VFD)

The ERC team can tackle VFDs used in all sorts of applications starting from small appliances and ending with large compressors. We have dealt with VSIs and CSIs, load commutated inverters and six-step drives, cycloconverters and doubly fed slip recovery system topologies. 

Control Systems

Our technicians will troubleshoot any kind of control systems used in your facility including programmable logic controllers (PLC), distributed control systems (DCS), computer numeric controls (CNC), etc. We will get to the heart of the problem and fix it so your equipment, be it a drill or a 3D printer, can run smoothly.

Industrial Sensors

For many years, ERC has served very diverse industries, repairing all possible types of sensors: occupancy and daylight sensing devices; motion and environmental sensors; vibration sensors, proximity sensors, pressure, pH, temperature, flow, humidity, ultrasonic, PIR, photoelectric sensors, and so on.


We have worked with equipment from such manufacturers as:


Allen Bradley





Johnson Controls





Texas Instruments