Paul G.
Deer Valley, Phoenix, AZ

My Visio TV, suddenly developed a problem, where it was not powering on. I am stuck at home in a wheelchair, so I called Igor, at ERC and told him my situation. He came over to my home, and quickly identified the problem with a power supply board. He replaced the bad parts on that board, instead of selling me a new board! Saved me big $$ doing that!

Via B
Phoenix, AZ

I can't tell you how awesome this place is... I brought a broken electronic spa part in that is discontinued that I NEED, and they fixed it! Can't tell you how much they saved my life and how happy I am..... and they are really really nice men too! Super considerate, kind, quick, and honest. So So glad my friend told me about them...

Brian L.
Phoenix, AZ

Igor is great! I had a vibration when the sound was turned up to 20% on my Sony Bravia. I thought it was a speaker. Igor didn't. It was 2 loose foam pieces that were loose & vibrating. Set it up at home and I'm so happy with the sound.

Eduardo Fernandez

The work he does on electronics I consider ART, I asked him for a difficult task in which both of us were sceptical it'd work but he did an outstanding job a soldering an IC smaller than the tip of my pinky to fix an xbox one s console hdmi retimer chip.....IT WORKS! now with his abilities the console works 100% when before I had no video at all. Thanks Igor!

Victor Vaughn

What can I say about Igor?! He repaired a circuit board for my Ferrari F355 which controls the air conditioning. It is a $3000 special order part that would take months to arrive from Italy. He replaced all the bad parts in my circuit board so that it was good as new, and he did everything in less than 1 hour! ...on the same day I dropped it off! Now my A/C works perfectly!! He is the number 1 expert for circuit/electronic repair in the Southwest and I recommend everyone to bring their equipment to him for repairs! A perfectionist. Amazing knowledge and skill. Very intelligent. Thank you Igor!

Tony Crusoe

Came in 10 minutes before close Igor work on my vintage Denon receiver he said it sounds like s*** when he was done I was very happy honest man it's hard to find someone like that these days if it doesn't work he will tell you he won't let you waste your money yes he does charge but it was well worth what I paid him I would do it over and over again believe me this is a man you can trust