1.8 – 5.0GHz Tx amplifier draws only 75mA quiescent

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Renesas has cut quiescent consumption in its latest 1.8 to 5.0GHz 39.5dB RF amplifier, dubbed F1490.

“F1490 is a second-generation high-gain, two-stage RF amplifier that covers key sub-6GHz 5G frequency bands,” According to the company.
Operating from a 5V rail at up to 115°C TCB, it offers two selectable gain modes: 39.5dB or 35.5dB [2.6GHz], both with a typical quiescent of 75mA, and OIP3 of 38dBm and OP1dB of 24dBm. Absolute mazimum on the junction is 150°C.
Gain variation across -40°C to +115°C (referenced to the pad at 25°C) is +1.5 / -1.0dB. Gain flatness between 2.3GHz and 2.7GHz is typically 0.7dB. The thorough data sheet also defines these in other frequency bands.

A stand-by pin allows consumption to be cut to 2.5mA, with re-enabling taking around 250ns.
It maintains “high OP1dB performance and 2.4dB noise figure, to meet system-level requirements for a massive MIMO 5G pre-driver”, said Renesas. “F1490 is suited for use with both FDD and TDD sub-6GHz 5G applications. Pin-to-pin compatibility with current devices lowers the cost of design updates.”
An evaluation kit is available, details of which are in the data sheet.
The parts are available now in a 3 x 3mm, 16pin QFN package. Mass production is scheduled for September.