Fast, friendly and very Reasonable by Ehsan 05/14/2010

I took my receiver in that no one else could repair after 1 hour they called me and had it fixed for a fraction of the cost that other companies asked for.

Excellent and honest, honest! by Lance 03/10/2010

I took my Sony AV receiver in for service only to find out that I had a setting set incorrectly. He could have easily taken the unit and charged me for repairs that weren't made, and I would never had known the difference. But, he knew instantly what the problem was and fired up the unit and showed me how to correct it. He also took some time to answer some questions I had regarding different audio/video cables. When I do need a repair made, I now know were to go!


I went today to get some repair work done and this company helped me right away. They were so helpful and it is hard to find a company these days to spend the time to be helpful. This man even did my repairs while I waited and since it only took him a short time he did not even charge me. I tried to pay him and he would not even take any money. How about that for service. I would recommend this honest repair company to everyone, SO let’s all keep these kinds of business people going in this economy. We need them. Thank You, Thank You Electronic Repair Company on 11 st and Bell

Awesome Service by flashsync 10/06/2009

Had a problem with my 46" Samsung DLP. Discussed over the phone, then brought it in. Took a few minutes of troubleshooting and ERC had it figured out. To say these folks are awesome is a understatement, they saved me time, money and my sanity. They are the best of the best in what they do. Thanks so much for the help and advise, I will be back!

A +++++++++ by albert12 09/08/2009

These people are great, very good friendly, honest,upfront service. they are my electronics repair facility from now on. NO COMPLAINTS AT ALL. AMAZING Service

A +++++++++ by enterprise 09/08/2009

These people are great, very good friendly, honest,upfront service. they are my electronics repair facility from now on. NO COMPLAINTS AT ALL. AMAZING Service

tv repair by goirish 12/15/2008

no sound on tv- Igor of ERC told me to re-boot the cable box- it worked- he could have not told me and have me pay for a Service call

When I need a tv fixed I will call ERC

way beyond honest by Carolyn 12/07/2008

i called Electronic Repair Company on Sunday because i had no sound on my TV.
the girl who answered told me to unplug my cable for a few minutes to see if that worked.
she said that my cable company is known for causing my "no sound" problem.
i told her i would call her back if that didn't work. it did work!
we need more honest people like the ones at this company. i will keep their name, number and location for future reference.


Outstanding, quality, responsible service by SLM 12/05/2008

Excellent service; told me what was wrong and what I might be able to do myself to save money; accomplished repair promptly and expertly. My impression was of a very honest and competent company. My repair man was Igor. Also received great service from receptionist - Igor.

Great Same Day Service by pikaso 04/09/2008

I had a big Projection TV that No TV shop was be Able to fix.
When I called ERC The Lady at the front desk was so nice.
She scheduled me for the same day... Techs came in the hours that I was comfortable with, and They got my TV fixed
Thank you ERC

Outstanding Service by Sulimanov 04/09/2008

great equipped techs, very accurate with a huge skills and experience

Thank you for the great service

Great service by Mccoy 04/09/2008

Good and prepared team, excellent knowledge with TVs.
great prices I will definitely deal with theme again
Thank you for the great service ERC

great service by Laz 04/04/2008

great service

Igor is a life saver!!! By piki 04/04/2008

After our only TV in the house broke down, Igor with ERC helped me fix the problem in less than 2 minutes, and saved us tons of money. With 2 small kids, beeing without TV even for a day, was a nightmare. Thank you, Igor!

EXCELLENT by MUCACI 01/18/2008